ISO 14001 - Environmental

ISO 14001 is the leading standard for environmental management systems. This standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) lays out requirements for environmental management systems, which companies can employ to meet their environmental goals. Organizations can apply the standard to all of the environmental aspects of their activities, products and services that they can control or influence. It helps them manage their environmental responsibilities in a systematic way and in accordance with their environmental policy.

While ISO 14001 describes requirements for an environmental management system, it does not include specific environmental performance criteria.

Any organization regardless of size and sector can use this international standard. This includes private, not-for-profit and governmental entities.

All businesses interact with the environment in some way. Today, due to changing customer expectations, new regulatory requirements and other changes, companies are putting more of an emphasis on actively managing their environmental impact. Standards — and certifications to those standards — can help companies to do that.